Have you ever wondered why kids seem to mature so young? Or why do so many people seem to get sick or not able to work hard?

I hear comments like there is so much stress! Is it really more stressful to live now than it was when you had to shoot your own meat or catch a fish?  You always hoped you would find one to get.

Yes, there are people who have a stressful situation but there have always been stressful situations.

So what did they do for food way back then.  They raised a garden during the summer months and had fruit trees. The women canned or dried  fruit and vegetables. They had a space in the basement to store food – potatoes, onions, carrots, beets,turnips,  sweet potatoes, winter squash, apples, pears, …

They had learned to salt meat and use fat for storage.

They also knew how to make bread. In Switzerland there is still an area where the women make cheese during the summer to eat during the winter. They make bread regularly.

You see, the women were not being paid to do a job but they were busy and worked at least as hard as any paid working person!

What I am wondering is how do all the quick and easy ways of getting a meal  cause so much stress?! What about all the chemicals that are in our food? There are all the plastic bags, the containers we put food in and all the tin cans. What about the hormones given to the cows to get higher milk production?  Certified raw milk does not have the hormones.

If you buy an old milk cow from a raw  milk dairy to grind you can have tasty  ground beef quite inexpensively.   You also want to ask for all the bones. They will provide you with lots of good broth. Real food for real people.

How about making your own bread?  It really does not take a long time. Just a few minutes several times a day. In the beginning it will take extra time but as you get proficient it will only take minutes! If you want some thing  new and different make some Cinnamon rolls.

What else can you think of? Keep your eyes open to find something you would like to learn how to do.  Then someone will turn up to help you!

By learning how to make our own food we not only save money and time but we also have healthier and more delicious food. Our bodies are not loading up on toxic items so they work better.  We may even find life is not so stressful.


What do you need every day?

Looking at some old pictures there was my little brother with a water hose by the back of the car. He was puttig some clear colored liquid in the car, just like Dad. The car got sick and sputtered and coughed and wouldn’t go very far!     People are kind of like old cars. People need the right kind fuel or they get sick.   So what do cars need —uncontaminated gasoline and certain oils. What do people need?   The right kind of fuel!    People need naturally occurring fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Humans have used coconut oil, olive oil, butter, animal fats, nuts and seeds for thousands of years.         People also need complete and incomplete proteins. Complete proteins are found in beef, buffalo, sheep, pork, poultry, elk, venison, fish and sea foods and foods like eggs and milk they produce.   Complete proteins provide Vitamin B12 we can use.  Incomplete proteins are plant based like, grains, beans,  nuts and seeds.   We must use 2 different incomplete proteins to  get a complete protein.

Carbohydrates are found in plants and they all have green leaves.    In addition to these three items we should include sea salt with about 90 minerals ( Brittany or Celtic salt). Most table salt has only 2 minerals in it(sodium and chloride).

Some healthy food stores carry Celtic or Brittany sea salt and Himilayan sea salt . It is more expensive but you get an excellent array of minerals in proper proportions and it is unheated. It is no wonder some people are told not to use (highly heated  ordinary ) salt. It imbalances their body!  You can get Celtic Sea salt from the Grain and Salt Society ( 800-867-7258)     The salt is tasty and you will feel better.

I used to get a sore throat some times. If I took a pinch or two of Brittany salt it would disappear  before long.

Now that you have the fuel you need you will feel more like doing things!






Thanksgiving 2013

Did you have turkey with your family today?  Were the kids all excited ? How about the adults? Now that every one has eaten they have all calmed down. But isn’t it great to see every one . We get so involved we seem to need a good reason to see one another. Thanksgiving is that good reason!

We like to get a bigger turkey than we need because we want some left overs.  We’ll slice some slices of breast and probably some brown meat too. The slices will make wonderful sandwiches or are yummy with the gravy warmed up and poured over the slices. Some bite sized chunks of meat on some mashed potatoes covered with hot gravy would be mighty flavorful.

If you can’t use up all the meat lay it out on your wax paper covered cookie sheet to freeze and use them later!  When frozen put them in plastic bags.

What do you do with the carcass? This may supply you with the best leftovers.  Put the carcass in a large kettle. Scrape all the bits and pieces from the cooking pan. You can use a little of the water you will use to cover the carcass to loosen the drippings. Simmer the carcass for hours… 6 or 8 hours perhaps.  Cool. Then pick over the bones to get all the bits of meat

Now,  you need some vegetables for the soup. Maybe a few from the dinner,  or a few in your refrigerator or some dehydrated vegetables. As you can see it is possible to make a meal out of whatever  you have in the house. If you have more broth than you can use in your soup there are a couple of things you can do with it.

You are able to can the broth but you need a pressure cooker.  You can make ice cubes out of the broth and empty them into a plastic bag. Or you can save yogurt or  cottage cheese containers to put frozen food into. That includes turkey broth or soup. Label and date.

If by any chance you did not have turkey for Thanksgiving you can do the same things with any other meat.


P.S. Be on the look out for drying vegetables for soup .

Thanksgiving 2013

5 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill

When you go to the store do you spend more money than you planned to spend? Many times it is because you buy food you may not need.  Sometimes you add something to your cart  that just caught your eye.

Here are 5 very simple ways you can use the next time you shop that can cut your bill down sometimes by as much as half.

1 - Buy with cash.  It is much harder to hand over $100 to $150 in cash than it is to hand over the piece of plastic  we know as our credit card.

2 – Use a hand calculator. If you don’t have one use a pencil and a piece of paper. If we keep track of what we are buying we can stay under our budget.

3 - Shop once a week. If that is hard for you to do at first try buying food for just 3 days. Eventually learn to buy once a week.

4 – Order  a case  each of potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions.  Probably not all the same day! Order canned goods by the case IF you use 3 or more cans a month. There are usually 12 cans to a case.  It will make the each can cost at least 10% cheaper.

5 – Make a list of foods you NEED to buy.  You will have what you need to buy without making the extra trips to the store.

You won’t be tempted to buy the want items!

Bonus Tips

 Differentiate between NEEDS and WANTS.   Be aware of which you are buying.

Buy in season produce.  It is the least expensive.











5  Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill

Forward to the Past

More women, mostly young women, want to go back to a more traditional way of eating and living. They want to know they can take care of the basics and provide for their family. As we become  self-reliant we build our self confidence. We want to know we can do whatever it takes .

The women  are happy to find there are other women living like they want to live. Many are happy to find knowledgeable older women willing to help them learn.

Sometimes they don’t know what it is they  want or need to know. They were not privileged to have a mother or grandmother who knew or used many of the old ways. They want to learn. It is time for the older generation to pass the information on.

About 15 years ago my daughter, a grand daughter and I had a  “modern day quilting bee”.   We were from three generations on our computers chatting about everything, anything. It was wonderful!  It has been a few years but we still know we can get help in figuring out our  problems- just a click away!

We’ve all learned how to live well and have a good variety of meals with just basic foods. We pass what we have learned along to each other. Our latest is to see how we can provide more for our family with0ut spending more.

Just a hint – don’t waste anything! I know my mother didn’t. If she didn’t have a recipe for something, she made one up.

When she finished canning  fruit she stood and smiled and liked what she saw.  She knew we would all be fed!

Mom  knew she could take care of us!

Forward to the Past