5 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill

When you go to the store do you spend more money than you planned to spend? Many times it is because you buy food you may not need.  Sometimes you add something to your cart  that just caught your eye.

Here are 5 very simple ways you can use the next time you shop that can cut your bill down sometimes by as much as half.

1 – Buy with cash.  It is much harder to hand over $100 to $150 in cash than it is to hand over the piece of plastic  we know as our credit card.

2 – Use a hand calculator. If you don’t have one use a pencil and a piece of paper. If we keep track of what we are buying we can stay under our budget.

3 – Shop once a week. If that is hard for you to do at first try buying food for just 3 days. Eventually learn to buy once a week.

4 – Order  a case  each of potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions.  Probably not all the same day! Order canned goods by the case IF you use 3 or more cans a month. There are usually 12 cans to a case.  It will make the each can cost at least 10% cheaper.

5 – Make a list of foods you NEED to buy.  You will have what you need to buy without making the extra trips to the store.

You won’t be tempted to buy the want items!

Bonus Tips

 Differentiate between NEEDS and WANTS.   Be aware of which you are buying.

Buy in season produce.  It is the least expensive.











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