A Case of Bananas?

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What on earth are you going to do with a case of bananas?

Save some money on food!  Really?  You bet!  When you see bananas marked down half price, it is time to  find someone in the produce department. Make sure the person you ask can make a decision. Ask them how much they want for a box (a box is 38lbs) of the bananas. With the markdown price at just barely 1/2 the usual price, the price will be great!

Processing bananas

At home we collect the cookie sheets, the wax paper, a couple of paring knives, the dehydrator and get to work!

Freeze about half the box of bananas. As you peel the bananas lay the them on the wax paper covered cookie sheet, place another sheet of paper on top of the bananas until their are about 4 layers of bananas on each tray. Remove cookie sheets to the freezer. Let freeze until solid (8 hours) and place in Ziploc bags to store.

Collect the dehydrator trays and slice the peeled bananas. The slices can barely touch each other. Let dry completely. The banana slices will take up to 15 hours to dry here, although the books say sooner. (We live in a damp area!) When the slices do dry, let them cool off just a bit and put them in jars or ziploc bags. Label with at least the year.

Find several more plastic bags to store the frozen bananas as soon as they are ready. Return to the freezer section. OK. All the bananas are prepared and the clean equipment is put away in about 1 1/2 hours. You have pounds of fruit ready to use.

Using Bananas Later

How can you use so many bananas? A banana smoothie for breakfast. A smaller amount of smoothie could be used for dessert for lunch or dinner,  for a snack,  a frozen banana dipped in melted chocolate – slices of frozen banana as base for small sundae.  Bake a banana cake, banana cream pie, …..banana ice cream      Have fun! Use your imagination! Dried bananas may be eaten as “dried fruit”, with nuts or cheese. in cookies or pancakes………How about chocolate dipped dried bananas!

How much would you save ?  Actually they were marked down to 1/4th the regular price. After several days they were marked down to maybe 1/6th.  Dried Bananas can be bought for about twice the cost of regularly priced bananas.

You may be wondering why they were marked down. The bananas were just barely starting to get a few brown spots on the skin, not the insides. If I cut off  one banana total from 2 boxes it was a lot. They were beautiful!

How often do you expect to see such buys? Not often. Maybe once in 10 years. But when it happens be prepared to act.

If you buy  by the case regularly you should expect a minimum of 10 % off and you might get more.

Besides, this gives you an idea what and how you can learn to make use of larger amounts of bananas and other foods, and keep it in good condition.

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