What do You do with TWO cases of Bananas?


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Did I get a terrific buy on bananas today!

The store knows it’s almost impossible for me to turn down a terrific bargin. (They’re right.)

I paid about 33% of the regular price for the first case and just under 50% for the second box. Why? They didn’t order quite the right number.

There are only two ways to save a quantity of bananas – freeze or dry them.  They are great frozen in smoothies, making a soft  ice cream, in banana bread and dipping in chocolate and eating it like an ice cream bar! Yum!

Frozen bananas will only last a few months in the freezer and then they get soft, gooey and squishy. They just do not like the cold for long. You’ll know when  it is time to throw them out.

So drying is the best way to store them. Yep, I dried all of the two cases. They will be so handy to have on hand.

The last time I dried a lot of bananas we tried adding some spices like ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or cloves sprinkled on the slices before drying.  Experiment with a few slices to see which spices you like.

What will we do with all of them?  Some will become part of my regular winter storage program. Some of them will go to extended family members for Christmas from Grandma.

Some of them will go into the homemade granola their mother makes. If you reconstitute them they can be used in banana bread or cookies or fruit salad or to just snack on.

If you take advantage of the special buys when the store has them, it can stretch your food money and you still have good food to eat.

With two cases of bananas dried, you will not have to buy bananas for quite a long time.









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