Nutritiously Superior Food – It Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

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It never ceases to amaze me!  At least every year, a new reputedly nutritiously superior food is presented to us. We are told how in the foreign country it comes from this food is used by the  starving poor because it is so nutritious.

Do I not quite understand? If it is so nutritious, how and why are they starving? By what standard are they then poor? By their standards… or ours?  Many people in the U.S. who are plentifully fed… but are nutritionally starving.

Americans seem to think a wild, common and readily available nutritious food in another country is healthier than what we have here. Partly they are correct if you are thinking about all the processed foods bought to eat.

We have a choice between nutrient deficient processed foods, organically raised heritage foods, or wild foods as they have always grown. Most folks choose the easiest – processed foods.

Or do we want food in a capsule so we would not have to learn to cook?

I remember a Great Depression day when mom found a new patch of lamb’s quarters growing under the gnarly old fig tree. We had a delicious, nutrient dense green meal for supper that  evening.

Every spring we can collect a plentiful supply of tender nutritious nettles.  Both these greens have a high mineral content so, after cooking them like spinach, we add some butter to improve the mineral absorption.

If you want to raise a garden to provide maximum nutrition choose organic heritage vegetables. When you pick these veggies you will not have lost nutrients getting them into the house to prepare for your meal. Talk about being rich!

Even if you support your local farmers market, the products were picked before they came to market. Produce, in many stores, can be several days to a week old before they even get delivered to your store.

Cows grown on natural grasses, or range plants, have an excellent  Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio  and there is CLA readily available.

If the cows are not fed on their natural food, but are fed to gain weight fast for butchering or to produce enormous amounts of milk, they also have to give them frequent antibiotics. In other words, their immunity is lowered.

Ideally you should raise your own food; but, if you do not care to do that, find someone who loves to raise excellent food and pay them for their good food.

A bit more expensive? Perhaps, but remember to add your medical bills to your food bills. After all  you get sick when you’re not nutritionally fit.

It was always fun to go to Alice’s house. At meal time she might send you out to the rose bushes to pull a couple lovely orange carrots. If she wanted squash go to  the compost pile! Strawberries were out front exposed to the sun as a ground cover. The “shade trees” were really fruit trees.

With a bit of work, probably little more than going shopping in a crowded store, you can eat rich nutritious food regularly. It never ceases to amaze me how rich I feel with so much nutrient dense flavorful food to eat and to share.



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