Raw Milk – IT’S EXPENSIVE ?!

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We are so easily fooled when we are shopping.

We see a high number and automatically think an item is expensive. Well, is it? The only way I know how to decide is to do what I call comparison shopping.

I have made a rather extensive list of beverages available in the store where I shop. My base beverage is certified raw milk. All comparisons are for a full 8 ounces of the particular beverage, not the customary six ounces served in an eight ounce cup.

Certified raw milk appears to be more expensive than the usual pasteurized milk you buy from your store. (I’ll do a nutritional article comparing certified raw milk and pasteurized milk.)

The first itemĀ  good for comparison is certified raw milk which is not readily available. A gallon of this milk is $8.75 per gall0n at the store where I buy.

Let’s compare the costs of 8 ounce certified raw milk and 8 ounces coffee. (This stores coffee is some of the least expensive in town. ) Somehow we consider it OK to pay $.55 for 8 oz. coffee but we consider nutritionally packed certified raw milk expensive at $.55 for 8 oz.

We hesitate to pay $.55 for 8 oz. raw milk but willingly pay between $.88 and $1.08 for 8 oz. beer!

Nationally known sodas are one of the cheapest drinks the store sells. It is basically water, sugar, coloring and flavoring. Sure it is cheaper than milk but there is absolutely NO nutrition in it. In fact, it robs the body of nutrients. Beer appears to be only slightly better with a few minerals and a bit of choline and some alcohol which metabolizes to sugar in our body. It uses more nutrients than it contains.

Certified raw milk has proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a form many of us can use to provide us with the nutrients we need — vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, enzymes, carbohydrates and beneficial bacteria, viruses and fungus. We are building our body.

Raw milk is reasonably priced and is very rich nutritionally.

Is it expensive? NO!

Raw milk is an excellent buy!

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3 Responses to “ Raw Milk – IT’S EXPENSIVE ?! ”

  1. My Aunt Ruth continually told me that customers at the healthy food market where she works, bemoaned how expensive it is to eat healthy. I admit I ascribed to that same illogical thinking. Actually, it was a repeated common myth. Personally, my belief had no basis in fact. This past year, I’ve envisioned spending money to eat healthy and prepare my daily meals at home. My income was limited which restricted food purchases of any type. Recently my monthly salary increased. The time had come to practice what I dreamt about.

    I surveyed my favorite “more than just” a recipe book “Nourishing Traditions“. After compiling a list of ingredients, I had an idea of a few extras I wanted to purchase. I set off to Boulder’s local “health food” markets. I spent $74 at one store and $68 at the other. In addition I make a trip to Nederland’s (small mountain town) Coop. Purchased maybe $15.00 in additional items, including non-homogenized milk.

    All of the items I purchased were certified organic, which included my veggies and fruit, peanut butter, rolled oats, grains, honey and dairy items. The meats were comprised of grass-fed buffalo, beef, chicken and round roast. I bought much of my basic cooking items, including veggie pasta, from the bulk bins.

    Anything I bought from cows and chickens, I read the label searching for the word “pastured” (allowed to roam in a large, unrestricted area not “cage free” or “free range”).

    To clarify, I did not purchase pre-packaged sweets, chips, snack foods, bottled water or drinks. The only processed items were tomato sauce and bullion.

    I was anxious to experiment with the recipes, especially noting the time required to prepared my recipes.

    Finally, on a rainy, thundering Saturday, I headed for the kitchen and got to cooking. Two and a half hours later, I’d prepared enough meals to eat for two weeks.

    Below is a list of what I prepared. I frequently had four pans going at once.

    Pot Roast with organic barley, onion, carrots and potatoes cooked in a crock pot.
    Meat loaf.
    Yams puree with whipping cream (yum)
    Baked dollop yams with olive oil
    Garlic, cheese mashed potatoes
    Orzo salad with olive oil, raisins, pinon nuts saute, onions
    Orzo creamy salad with peas, onions, chicken and half and half
    Organic re-fried beans with grass-fed beef.
    Organic non-homogenized whipping cream with blackberries
    Orange Mango
    Twelve hard boiled eggs from free range chickens.
    Tuna Salad with green onions and hard boiled eggs.
    Stuffed pork chop.
    Spaghetti with hand made sausage in the store.
    Souffle beets

    My refrigerator and freezer were filled with healthy food. I was astounded and proud of myself, I had to call my Aunt Ruth right away. I couldn’t believe I’d only spent 2 1/2 hours in the kitchen and about $140.00. Wow!!!

    Daily, I enjoy each tasty morsel of healthy food that tastes way better than the stuff I’ve been buying, including the organic Ambrosia honey…yum! I prepared it myself which adds considerably to my enjoyment.

    Through this process I realized a key fact. Whether buying in a traditional store or eating healthy…buying is about choices. If you are going to purchase prepared, prepacked, canned foods that don’t weight in with high nutritional content, your food budget is going to increase considerably. Buying and eating healthy does not mean purchasing healthy “treats” or “extras”. Those treats and extras are what raise the overall cost of food exponentially.

    I thank my wonderful Aunt for planting the seeds of change.


  2. Bob says:

    I was searching for the reason raw milk is so expensive -and it really is – and came across this blog post. To justify the high cost of raw milk to attempted to compare “apples to oranges”. Comparing a glass of milk to a glass of beer or coffee is not an economically accurate assessment. What I was hoping for is the comparison of store-bought processed milk to raw milk. Why is raw milk, goes through none of the extra expense of processing, transportation, marketing, or storage, cost 4X more?? I have to drive my car to the farm and buy from the farmer. His processing and distribution costs are significantly less. Furthermore, if he sell that SAME MILK to the big dairy company, he gets a lot less. So, why is it so much more expensive? Greed.

  3. Grandma Ruth says:

    Dear Bob, I do not know all the testing the raw milk producers have to put their milk through but I do know they they must test very frequently. the pasteurized milk can go months longer –even a year or two longer. Our raw milk is Not that much more than pasteurized. I once figured out the cost of other drinks and what we paid for them—like beer — our raw milk was one of the least expensive items I could find. At least as cheap as coffee or tea! It is interesting!
    To produce enough milk to sell to a big dairy and survive they have to give the cows high amounts of hormones so they produce unnatural amounts of milk. Is that good for us? Lots to think about?!

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