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Wow, cherries are ripe even here in the far northwest! They come from over the mountains where the weather turns warm much earlier.

In fact, it has stayed cool so late the thimble berries are still  small and green and the blackberries are still blooming. But back to the cherries.

I had ordered 3 boxes of seconds.  Why seconds?  They are just as delicious as firsts and much less expensive. They may be lopsided, or too big or a little spot where the branch rubbed against it or they are twins. One year both twins were about the size of most single cherries. Beautiful, perfect but twins and they tasted great!

Where or how can you get seconds? Ask the produce manager at your local grocery store. Or if you are in the area where cherries are grown go to the orchard and ask the farmer if he has 2nds. Perhaps there is a farmers market in your town. Ask a farmer who is selling cherries for what you want even if you can’t see any. He may have some hidden some where.

There are several ways to pit  the cherries. Hold the cherry in your hand (thumb and index finger) and poke the pit out with a nut pick or knitting needle.

Then there is a gadget that looks like it is a pair of pliers with a cup on the bottom half and a poker on the top half. Close the pliers and push the seed out. Still one cherry at a time and a lot of handling.

Place a cherry on the top of a beer or soda bottle and push the seed out with a knitting needle or a nut pick. The seed falls in the bottle and the cherry remains on top.

My favorite way is to buy a cherry pitter made by NORPRO. It is by far the fastest and easiest way to pit the cherries. The pitter can be bought at Amazon  or your local kitchenware store. Cherries can be canned, dried or frozen.  If freezing, once again line the cookie sheets with wax paper and pour the cherries onto the cookie sheet. You can go up about 5 layers. Freeze. Pack away.

Why do we freeze so many cherries? Cherries are high in iron and are great for blood building. The cherry is highly alkaline so it is good for ridding the body of toxins. Cherries are wonderful in an elimination diet and have a wonderful effect on the glands. They are great for cleansing the liver and gall bladder because of the high iron content.  They are an excellent laxative.

Some people find 12 dried dark cherries a day are helpful against arthritis  thanks to antioxidants.

Cherry juice, especially from the dark ones, are used by some people to flavor and sweeten tea.

I like cherries simply because they are great tasting!

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