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One day  recently Joe, a friend, was concerned – his daughter wanted to drink a lot of raw milk. Our conversation went something like this…

“Ruth, I would like to get raw milk for my daughter but she really wants to drink a lot of  milk when we have it.”


“You know sometimes kids have asthma when they drink milk. I wish my folks had known.”

“I bet the raw milk you bought for your daughter is quite different from the milk you had. You did have pasteurized milk, didn’t you?


“There are many  foods that can set off an asthma attack as well as many things in the environment.”

Joe thought a few moments and said he really didn’t want his daughter to go through what he went through.

“Joe, I believe young children know which whole foods they need and we need to honor their knowledge until proven wrong.”

Research done years ago at the University of California, Berkeley, with young children showed that over a weeks time they select a balanced diet if offered only a variety of whole foods.

“Sure, sometimes they eat a lot of one food and little of anything else, but at the end of the week their diet included everything their body needed.”

“They are just naturally tuned into their body.”

“Gee, does this mean I have to ask each member of the family what they want for dinner? If so, forget it right now! That is just too time consuming.”

“Quite the contrary, I would never ask you to do that!”

Most children see their parents and siblings eating and will tend to mimic them. “However, if at some meal one of the children wants several glasses of whole raw milk or two plates of salad and nothing else, it is O.K.”

“I believe the whole family needs whole foods.”

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