How to Use Citrus Peels

What can you do with citrus peels?  If they are organic you can make it into zest and vitamin C powder!

I am going to give directions for using lemons but you can use lime, grapefruit, oranges and tangerines.  You will need a paring knife, a potato peeler and the fruit you will be using. Be sure to use organic fruit. You certainly do not want to consume the chemicals sprayed on the trees. Wash the lemon with a good fruit and vegetable cleaner.

Use the potato peeler to remove the colored part of the peel from the lemon. Cut the peel in small pieces and dry on a clean cloth or at a low temperature in your dehydrator. Check the dehydrator after the first hour. As soon as the peel is dry it can be put in a small canning jar until you need zest or Vitamin C.

Use a coffee mill or a blender to run the peel through to get a powder or slightly coarser for zest. Place the powder or zest in a small closed containers.

Once peeled, the fruit can have the rest of the peel removed and eaten. You could simply cut the fruit in half and juice it. It is easier to peel the outer layer of skin when the fruit is left whole.

If lemons are a great buy I may  buy a number lemons. So now we have zest, vitamin C and lemon juice to freeze in an ice cube tray. When frozen they will go into a plastic bag for storage in the freezer. You may prefer to freeze the sections of orange,  tangerines or grapefruit when they are plentiful to use later.
The ice cube tray usually hold 2 tablespoons of juice.

To use as a source of vitamin C add a spoonful of powder in your morning smoothie or in juice.

The rest of the lemon can be put down the garbage disposal to help keep it smelling fresh. So we have used all parts of the citrus in some manner. It is easy to do and ready for a number of uses. To top it all off it is a real bargin!

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