Colds and Coconuts

When you have a cold like my friend Kate did this winter, you will be glad you had a jar of coconut oil around!

That cold as well as flu, herpes, measles, AIDS, and urinary infections are all caused by virus. Pneumonia, dental cavities, earache and sinusitis are just a few of the diseases caused by bacteria.
Athletes foot, ringworm, candida and some dandruff are fungus or yeast problems.

Coconut oil, like mothers milk, is made up of medium chain fatty acids. It is the medium chain fatty acid part mothers milk or coconut oil that our bodies use to help our health problems.

When Lowell returned from overseas  with a very bad cough he took a very large spoon of coconut oil. “Hm, he said, “that is not half bad” as he took another large spoonful. Within about 15 minutes  his coughing had stopped.  About 2 1/2  hour later he started coughing again so he took another spoonful. Again he stopped coughing. He continued eating another spoonful of coconut oil about every 2 1/2  to 3 hours until bedtime. He slept all night without coughing for the first time in several weeks.  Lowell only had 3 spoonfuls of coconut oil the next day. Slept well the second night and his cough was gone for good in the morning.

Our family likes the results we get from using coconut oil.  Since we are all different it may or may not help you. It is definitely  worth a try!















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