WHAT DO YOU EAT when you can’t eat gluten?


What do you eat when the doctor says no gluten?

How about proteins, fats, and carbohydrates as vegetables and fruit?

Yes, you can eat all the protein of any kind you want – beef, chicken, lamb, pork, eggs, milk, cheese, nuts, beans, seeds…   You just can not eat wheat, spelt, kamut, rye, barley.

And yes, you can eat fats like coconut oil, butter, olive oil, olives, eggs, nuts, fish, flax oil…The fats are essential for healthy cell walls, to transport the fat soluble vitamins, and metabolize some minerals.

And of course you can eat all the vegetables, with butter. If you want dessert have some frozen fruit with milk, yogurt or kefir on it! (no sugar)

If you can’t eat wheat how about rice, buckwheat, millet, corn…        Buckwheat and millet can be cooked and used as you would rice—as a side dish or ground to use for cup cakes or muffins.

Breakfast could be 2 or 3 eggs fried, scrambled,  soft or hard boiled or…an eggnog/smoothie with or without berries (frozen). Or muffins or pancakes with non-gluten grains with butter or coconut oil on them. Instead of syrup use some fruit sauce on top. (By the way, did you know apricots make better apple sauce than prunes do!)

Lunch could be a hamburger patty with pickle, onion, mayo, ketchup, etc wrapped in lettuce leaf.  Slices of left over meat from last night, vegs cooked or fresh, mayo or catsup… Grind the left over meat and mix it with mayo like you can with hard boiled eggs or canned tuna. Eat with vegetables!

Supper could be meat loaf, hamburger patty, creamed hamburger or tuna or chicken on any allowable grains or potatoes or winter squash. Maybe you would enjoy a steak, baked potato, a tossed salad and cooked vegetables if you wish. You might enjoy chili beans with or without meat, baked beans, or a large taco salad. Use corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas.

Snacks – any vegetable – raw or cooked.  Dried fruit, nuts, cheese, live fudge, muffins using non-gluten flours with butter or coconut oil.

As you can see, there are all kinds of things you can make. You may have to dream up some new ways to  make what you want but if you like what you have made enjoy it!  It is the way new ideas and recipes develop.

So yes, you can eat well and you feel better when you do not eat gluten flours!





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