What on eath do you do with several pounds of Garlic?

Garlic sensation.
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What on earth do you do with so much garlic all at once?

Well, after researching  garlic is can be used fresh, dried,  in pickles, cultured usually with other food or be  frozen.

Yes, what do you do with a quantity of garlic?

It is nice to have all the garlic you can use but….. how do you store it? this looks like it is about ready to sprout. I guess, logically you would plant it but my excuse is there is no places ready for planting.

Besides, I want to use it in cooking and maybe even just eat it for health reasons. The early Egyptians used it in cooking and in embalming. Garlic is considered a medicinal plant but is used for flavoring food. It has a high iodine and sulfur level. It can be used for the treatment of high blood pressure, a worm remedy, to treat goiter because of its high iodine, has a favorable effect on the mucous membranes, as an internal antiseptic and contains a bacteriocide.

O.K. back to what does one do with so much garlic all at once? Obviously people do not save garlic. My experience at work is they do use a lot of processed garlic.

Well, after reading several books it looks like dry it, freeze it or culture or pickle it! Well, it could be dried too!  Culturing it, or pickling it, appeals to me.There did not seem to be anything worthwhile on just plain garlic but it is used in several combination pickles.

Peel garlic.

Pack it in a jar.

Add 2 T salt (celtic).

Add 4T (1/4 c ) whey per pint and fill with water. Place lid.

Set out for 3 days and then refrigerate.

Generally, cultured foods flavor improves if it can have some time. But you can use some from the beginning.

I will carefully wrap some to see what frozen garlic is like and will report back.

Then , when we are not drying something else is drying I will try some garlic. Will the whole neighborhood smell like garlic? Only time will tell!

Again, you will get a report when we have an answer!

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