Low Fat Diet…Do you know if it’s causing you and your family problems?

Vegetable OilsBefore 1910 there was virtually no heart disease, cancer or diabetes. In fact, Paul Dudley White, M.D., the famous heart specialist,  showed his classmates an electro-cardiogram machine . Their reaction was he should look to something more useful!

If they were so infrequent then, why have these problems become so prevalent?

Before 1910 everyone used fat from the animals that grew on the farm, or were hunted.

One summer we checked out the length of life people had lived in numerous small cemeteries. If the women lived through the child bearing years and its complications, they all lived well into their 80s.

In 1910 heart disease was virtually unknown but by 1970  40% of the deaths were from heart disease.


Looking back now, all people had for fats were butter, lard, fat from meats and poultry fat. All these are now considered the least desirable fats but there are many more early in life deaths today.

Even in 1910 more and more people were moving off the farms and into town. However, most food was grown locally and was grown with the fertilizer provided by the local animals.

As time passed more and more food was processed. Processing removes the plant parts most likely to go rancid the quickest. It also means many nutrients are lost in the process.

More and more vegetable oils were produced and made into butter substitutes. We have known since 1940, that during the processing of these oils, trans fatty acids are formed. We also know, the body cannot metabolize all the trans fatty acids. When the trans fatty acids are incorporated in a cell membrane it cannot metabolize properly. Most trans fatty acids are toxic to the body.

The doctors usually recommend a low fat diet with heart problems, or to prevent heart problems. They are probably right if the patient is using most vegetable oils. Remember these vegetable oils have been subjected to heat and/or chemicals to obtain the oil and to clean the oil. Trans fatty acids are formed with heat.

As early as 1940’s, researchers discovered a strong correlation between cancer and fat BUT, the fat was hydrogenated fat.  The hydrogenated saturated fat affect the heart, cancer, diabetes , obesity and many other problems

Natural saturated fat is NOT a problem – use coconut oil, butter, lard, meat and poultry fat and fish oil.

Coconut oil, butter, lard and fish oil are available in stores. Meat and poultry fat we will have to make ourselves.

Watch for our recipe in a future article.

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3 Responses to “ Low Fat Diet…Do you know if it’s causing you and your family problems? ”

  1. carol says:

    hey grandmas kitchen I found this very informative. I am looking forward to some recipies on how to get and use fat from meat and poultry. Thandks

  2. Stefanie says:

    Hi Grandma Ruth,

    I found this article really interesting, it makes sense that we should use ingredients prepared at home, and as close to their natural, original form as possible.
    I already like to use coconut oil, nut, seed and olive oils, and butter. How do I make and store chicken and meat fats?
    Also, what about dairy fat? Do you recommend whole or low-fat milk, yogurt, etc.?
    Thanks! Stefanie

  3. Grandma Ruth says:

    Hi Stefanie, I am glad you found the Low Fat Diet…article interesting. In the near future there will be another article that will answer your questions. I am sure others may be wondering about some of the same things you are. You are off to a great start!
    Thanks, Grandma Ruth

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