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Flu Season

It’s flu season.  Apparently there are two kinds of flu-  the regular ordinary fall/winter flu  and the other  now infamous “swine flu”. From what I am reading the vaccine for the elderly finally has arrived in many areas.

What can we do to keep from getting the flu?

Recently I attended a meeting where a  health department doctor and  nurse spoke with us about the flu season. Their way to prevent  flu was to take the vaccine, keep rested, eat healthy, drink adequate water and wash hands often.

A Naturopathic Doctor (they are fully licensed in our state)  spoke to us. The doctor was not pushing the flu season vaccine. The doctor suggested ways to strengthen our immune system because that is what really fights any flu. Of course she agreed with the Medical Doctor and the nurse about getting rest, drinking water, eating nutritious food and washing hands frequently. To give the immune system a chance to fight the flu bug it would be a good idea to quit eating sugar and processed grains.  Depending on who you read, the immune system is not very active for 4 to 24 hours after sugar is ingested so the flu bug could develop in our body while  the immune system is fairly inactive.

Typical Flu Season Remedies

There are several remedies for flu and colds like Oscillococcunum,  Roxalia, Coldcalm, Hylands Sniffles and Sneeze 4 Kids,  Hylands Cough Syrup, Source Naturals Wellness cold and flu, Grapefruit seed extract, FuturBio Colloidinen,

Chinese herb like Shen Yin   Yin Chiaco

Elderberry extract can be purchased in many health food stores. Why take elderberry extract? Take elderberry extract because it contains anthocyanins and flavonoids. Flavonoids stimulate the immune system while the anthocyanins is used as an anti-inflammatory by your body.

My husband was sure unsweetened lemonade was the remedy – a glass or cup of water with lemon just squeezed into it – would cure almost anything.(After all, that is what his mother gave him.) We can always use some extra water and the lemon provided vitamin C and supporting minerals.  But there was a time when he had the flu with some fever and would not drink anything. He simply wouldn’t drink his lemonade or water or anything. Nothing!

Alternative Flu Season Remedy

Finally I pulled out a book and read a bit and finally asked if he would like a back rub. The answer was “yes” so I used coconut oil rather liberally to rub. I rubbed every spot I could find but especially on his chest and throat, along the side of the nose, the soles of his feet and on the palms, (there are referral points on the feet and on the palms of the hand), and on his back, especial over the lungs.

As the coconut oil was absorbed I would give him another rub with coc0nut oil so he probably was covered with coconut 0il 3 times during the morning. Coconut oil is antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal according to several authors.

Life Extension publication for December 2009 has an excellent article on the flu virus. Several medical doctors have used a natural form of Vitamin D3 as a preventitive for flu for several years. If you want to follow up,go to

I personally have NOT tried all the flu remedies because I so very seldom get flu but I know people who have. It seems like each person has something they feel works … least for them!

I hope all the ideas help you find what you want to get over the flu season quickly!

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