3 Food Groups Absolutely Necessary for Your Health

Food Groups

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Do YOU know which are the only 3 food groups that are absolutely necessary for health?

These 3 food groups are easy to remember and simple to provide. It is easy to  make allowances for all food  sensitivities.  What could be easier?!

We need to eat protein because our body is growing, making repairs as well as making enzymes, antioxidants, for blood clotting and to maintain the acid/alkaline balance.

Protein Food Groups

There are two major sources of protein – animals and plants. Animal proteins include beef, buffalo, elk, venison, lamb, pork, fish, chicken, turkey, milk products and eggs. Plant proteins include beans, nuts and nut butters, seeds and grains.

Fat Food Groups

Although fats have had a bad reputation in the past sixty years, the fats that have been around for hundreds of years are very much needed by our body. The fat transports the fat soluble vitamins and minerals. Fat also helps with protein metabolism, to form cell walls, to form bile and provide cholesterol for hormones.

A great source of fat is found in grass fed animals containing  CLA and a good ratio of Omega6:Omega3 oils and in fish oils. Olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds are all good sources of many plant fats.

Carbohydrate Food Groups

Carbohydrates -starches and sugars – are formed by all leafy green plants. Fruit, vegetables , beans, grains and even nuts and seeds contain carbohydrates. These sources are traditional sources and have all the nutrients necessary for their own metabolism. Refined carbohydrates have many of the nutrients removed.

Sweetness in fruit, vegetables and grains indicate their ripeness. Ripeness is the period when all the nutrients are highest in the plants.

Meals and snacks are healthiest when they contain something from all food groups, including protein, fat and carbohydrate for energy to do all the work the body has to do.

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