Forward to the Past

More women, mostly young women, want to go back to a more traditional way of eating and living. They want to know they can take care of the basics and provide for their family. As we become  self-reliant we build our self confidence. We want to know we can do whatever it takes .

The women  are happy to find there are other women living like they want to live. Many are happy to find knowledgeable older women willing to help them learn.

Sometimes they don’t know what it is they  want or need to know. They were not privileged to have a mother or grandmother who knew or used many of the old ways. They want to learn. It is time for the older generation to pass the information on.

About 15 years ago my daughter, a grand daughter and I had a  “modern day quilting bee”.   We were from three generations on our computers chatting about everything, anything. It was wonderful!  It has been a few years but we still know we can get help in figuring out our  problems- just a click away!

We’ve all learned how to live well and have a good variety of meals with just basic foods. We pass what we have learned along to each other. Our latest is to see how we can provide more for our family with0ut spending more.

Just a hint – don’t waste anything! I know my mother didn’t. If she didn’t have a recipe for something, she made one up.

When she finished canning  fruit she stood and smiled and liked what she saw.  She knew we would all be fed!

Mom  knew she could take care of us!

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