Can you freeze…?

How do you know?

Jack, a young friend came by the other day and wondered if he could freeze or dry squash. Out of habit I asked which one and in the same breath said “yes”.

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The new crop of winter squash is just coming in and the summer squash is still in. But as an after thought it really doesn’t matter which one he was talking about. The answer is pretty much the same. Squash can be frozen or dried.

To dry summer squash,  small tender ones or much larger ones,  cut the squash into 3/8 inch slices and dry. The large ones will make great chips to use with dips. The small ones can be added to soups, salads or top a casserole. The larger chips can be added to soups, crunched up and used for topping, in soup and stews or ground into powder and a bit added to baked goods for extra nutrition.

Winter squash keeps well for a few months if kept dry and above freezing so there is no hurry to put them by right now. There are plenty of other thing with short storage to save now.  Winter squash stayed for about 5 months before I noticed only one had a very small spot on it.  Time to eat more squash fast or consider freezing  or drying it. Try both drying and freezing the squash to see which you like best. We like some of both!

If you want to warm up the kitchen… then bake your squash. You might want to bake several to make even better use of your carbon foot print. When they are cool enough to handle remove the skin and seeds and freeze serving size chunks of squash or mash the squash. When I run out of containers to freeze in I often put “blobs” of what ever I want to freeze on a wax paper covered cookie sheet to freeze. Transfer to bags later.

And if you are adventuresome try adding a little cinnamon and salt to some of the mashed squash and making pumpkin leather. Cover your drying trays with parchment paper. It would be good with cream cheese spread on it before rolling it to eat. It could be unrolled and spread just before serving! Slice it in about 1 inch pieces.

You can make your own cream cheese from yogurt  and have whey for culturing vegetables.

How do you know you can do these things?  If you can dream it, you can do it! You might find ideas on line and in books or even magazines.

In the end, it is a matter of trying a small amount. If you like it …it works!

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