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Freezing Berries

You will like these 10 easy steps to free flowing frozen berries to enjoy all year.

1. Assemble everything needed to freeze berries…cookie sheets with edges, wax or parchment paper, berries

2.Tear off several sheets of wax or parchment paper about 2 inches longer than the cookie sheet. Place one on each cookie sheet.

3. Dip berries into water to wash them. Do not soak. A quick in and out is sufficient.

4.Drain on an old towel.

5.Place all berries on a cookie sheet one layer deep.

6. Cover with a piece of wax or parchment paper.

7. Place more berries on paper.

I go no more than 5 layers high so none will roll off.

8.Take to freezer.

9. When frozen, or when you have time, transfer to plastic containers or ziploc type bags. With care pick up a handful or two of berries to put in a bag. Now you can pull the two long sides together,  put the end of the paper in the bag and tip the berries in.

10. Return to freezer for long time storage

Substitute a cardboard box cut off with  1/2 to 1 inch sides left on for the cookie sheet..

There is one exception to these easy steps. It only gets easier!

More Berries

If you have  un-sprayed blueberries pour the berries on a large bath towel placed in the shade on a table or bench. Let any very small critters escape. Gently rub the berries to remove any dust.  Put the berries directly into a plastic bag. Freeze. If the blue berries are not crushed or washed they will not stick together. Amazing! They are free flowing

You can use this same  free flowing method for any fruit. I often slice fruit into bite size pieces and freeze them the free flowing way.  When we want to eat them even the smallest child won’t need help eating his berries.

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  1. Willow says:

    Hopefully our raspberry bushes will provide enough berries we can freeze some. Last summer was their first and we ate every single berry right away.

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