What do you need every day?

Looking at some old pictures there was my little brother with a water hose by the back of the car. He was puttig some clear colored liquid in the car, just like Dad. The car got sick and sputtered and coughed and wouldn’t go very far!     People are kind of like old cars. People need the right kind fuel or they get sick.   So what do cars need —uncontaminated gasoline and certain oils. What do people need?   The right kind of fuel!    People need naturally occurring fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Humans have used coconut oil, olive oil, butter, animal fats, nuts and seeds for thousands of years.         People also need complete and incomplete proteins. Complete proteins are found in beef, buffalo, sheep, pork, poultry, elk, venison, fish and sea foods and foods like eggs and milk they produce.   Complete proteins provide Vitamin B12 we can use.  Incomplete proteins are plant based like, grains, beans,  nuts and seeds.   We must use 2 different incomplete proteins to  get a complete protein.

Carbohydrates are found in plants and they all have green leaves.    In addition to these three items we should include sea salt with about 90 minerals ( Brittany or Celtic salt). Most table salt has only 2 minerals in it(sodium and chloride).

Some healthy food stores carry Celtic or Brittany sea salt and Himilayan sea salt . It is more expensive but you get an excellent array of minerals in proper proportions and it is unheated. It is no wonder some people are told not to use (highly heated  ordinary ) salt. It imbalances their body!  You can get Celtic Sea salt from the Grain and Salt Society ( 800-867-7258)     The salt is tasty and you will feel better.

I used to get a sore throat some times. If I took a pinch or two of Brittany salt it would disappear  before long.

Now that you have the fuel you need you will feel more like doing things!





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