Do You Know Why Type II Diabetes Is Increasing?

By next year they expect 40% of people over 65 will have Type II diabetes. I have just finished reading an article about diabetes in 2 different newsletters and am utterly amazed.  That seems like a lot !

That is bad enough but their only solution is either to take more insulin or some thing else to lower the sugar.

Why is it? There are places in the world where there is no diabetes or heart diseases. Is anyone studying those areas?

Well, the answer is yes they are. It really seems pretty simple. People will have to be willing to change how and what they eat.  It is all written down and it has been tested for hundreds and hundreds of years, even thousands of years. If people from these areas change their diet to be more like ours, they develop the same health problems we have.

Remember, I am only writing about what I have read, yet it is like new information to many people.

According to some authors, people living in the areas where there is virtually no diabetes, cancer  or heart disease all consume a fairly large amount of  foods supplying MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids), some complex carbohydrates,  vegetables and some protein.

It will take some of your time and effort, but are you willing to read and make changes to save your life from diabetes?

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