Interesting Day!

It was an interesting  day

Several women expressed their interest in finding ways to cook from scratch – like “my grandma cooked”.   “It tastes so good and besides it is cheaper.”  (it sure is)

The three women told stories suggesting how out of touch we have become with our surroundings. So often our children and grandchildren do not know where their food comes from other than a can, a box or the freezer at the store.

The first story was about a class studying where their food came from and the teacher was asking where we get certain foods from. When she asked, ‘where do we get potatoes?’ the answer was “the box. The box on the shelf at the grocery store”. Instant mashed potato!  (this was 20 years ago)

This was in the middle of a potato growing area!


Then there was the story about a family get together composed of members ranging in age from a few months to 60 years of age. The hosting family planned strawberry shortcake with whipped cream for everyone. They poured the cream in a bowl to make the whipped cream.

The younger ones gathered round to see what was going on. Finally a 7 year old came over to see, and wondered what it was.  They told him. He said, “ug, I’ve never had it before and what if I  don’t like it.”

Interestingly even some of the young mothers had never seen whipped cream made before.

When the cream was whipped, the hostess handed the beater to the 7 year old to lick! One lick and ” OHHhhhh, this is good. I can eat the whole bowl!” The consensus was it was worth the slight effort to make your own Whipped Cream. 

Just in case you have never made whipped cream here is a recipe –

1/2 pint or 1 pint heavy cream,  not ultra pasteurized
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 or 4 Tablespoon sugar or a pinch of white stevia  (we don’t  add sugar)

Directions – Pour cream into a cool bowl and with a cool electric beater or a whisk beat the cream until it makes soft folds. Add vanilla, while beating add sugar. The vanilla and sugar only take a few seconds to add. It can be put in the refrigerator for a little while or can be used immediately.

If you actually have too much, use your cookie sheet and wax paper. Freeze blobs to use at a moment’s notice on a cake, some fruit or?    They take little time to thaw so are handy for unexpected guests.When they are frozen, put all the blobs in a plastic bag. We have even been known to reach in and take a blob just to eat!( this was 3 months ago)


Then Mari told about going out the front door at work with a broom and a dust pan to sweep the entrance way.  A little girl walked by with her mom. She asked her mom what Mari was doing. Her mom said “sweeping” and followed up with “come on, let’s go.”

What a learning experience. Maybe everyone where she lives has an electric broom or a maid. Or did mom not know about brooms?  ( this was about 5 months ago)

The different ways people react to what is going on around them makes for a very interesting day!

The three stories can help us see why observing what is going on around ourselves is beneficial. You can appreciate what you have when you know what it requires to have potatoes. If you find you must cut food costs, making your own just might save enough over all  to make the difference.

Maybe sometime when you need a broom you can figure out how to make it. After all you have seen it in action.

When you observe how a variety of things happen, your brain can think of ways to solve different problems.

It is fun, and it makes for an interesting day!

How much we just believe every body knows…















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