Lowell is Crying: Filling Winter Root Cellar

Onions for Winter Root Cellar

Onions for Winter Root Cellar

Lowell is crying! Our winter root cellar is empty but fortunately for us, someones is still very full. Yesterday, onions prices were about 70% off.

After breakfast this morning when I was alone in the kitchen, I peeled and sliced onions  to put on the dehydrator. Somewhere we heard if you cut the root end off first and then the top, the oils will not irritate. That is what I did, and it seemed to work.

It was easiest to cut the onions in half and slice them thinly. Near the end of the half there is nothing to hold on to. Chop the difficult to slice part so it is ready to  use.

This is the most onions we have dried at one time and it is a learning experience. It is a little different. The dehydrator is in the garage. The time of year makes a difference. It is still cool enough we have the heater on in the earlier part of the day with the windows closed.

The air flow is from the garage into the house,  down to the study where Lowell is working and where the onion vapors are collecting!

It really helped to open the study window! 

When dried onions are cooked with meat and/or meat broth the flavor is so delicious! Remember, onions contain a fair amount of sugar so they will tend to caramelize and must be watched carefully near the end of cooking. If there is a long cooking time the onions do not require hydration. Rehydrate if using a short cooking time.

After the onions are really dry they can be kept in canning jars or heavy zip lock bags. You can make your own onion salt by finely grinding the dried onions in your blender. If you like onions you will enjoy chewing on some dried ones.

Use dried onions for all cooked and baked dishes. Try onions and beans, onion tart, onion quiche, onion soup, onion-mushroom timbale, onion fritters, etc.

Soon our “spring root cellar” (jars) will be full of long lasting dried onions which will last until the new fall crop. Perhaps it would be a good idea to dry a years supply of onions in the fall when we can still have windows open and Lowell won’t be crying.

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