Why make it yourself…?

Making it yourself: monosodium glutamate

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Making It Yourself

Have you ever wondered why  anyone would ever want to make all of their own food when ready-made is so easy, affordable and readily available?

Good question!

Several generations ago people made their own foods from scratch because that was all they had. “Readily available” meant they didn’t have to grow their food from scratch, but could go to the local store and buy it.

Did you ever stop to think that heart problems, cancer and diabetes were rather rare and unusual in those days. Do you suppose there might be a connection?

Why Making It Yourself?

How is your ready-to-eat food made? Do you know what all the listed ingredients are? If you can not pronounce them should you ever be eating them? Do you know about the GRAS list?

GRAS stands for ” generally regarded as safe.” It is a list of ingredients used in a given product by all the manufactures of that product. The common ingredients are listed on the GRAS list.

When you making it yourself from scratch you know exactly  what ingredients are in your finished product. This is especially important for someone who has allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Have you ever eaten something ready-made and not felt well afterwards? If this happens more than once a year look at the ingredients. Do you find the same ingredient is present every time you do not feel good? Can you find a similar product without the questionable ingredient?   If so, how do you feel after eating it? Find products without that ingredients or make your own, if necessary.

When you read the list of ingredients do you know what they are? Do you know what natural flavors are? Where do they come from? If you don’t know, ask questions and find out!

Natural flavors are often just another name for MSG. Not good! If the list includes specific herbs and foods like onion and garlic it’s OK because you know what is giving the food it’s flavor. That is very good!

Making It Yourself Benefits

Another great advantage to …making it yourself… you can do it for less! The more astute buyer you are the less you need to spend and still have great value. Buying cheap just for the sake of buying cheap is not always wise or a bargain. Buying nutritionally dense food and using all of it in some way is definitely a bargain.

Right now there is a large pot of broth in the making. It took about 10 minutes to get everything put together and on the stove this morning. It probably took another 5 minutes to skim the scum off at the beginning and maybe 1 minute to pour in additional water. Just one little example of how I am personally putting the “making it yourself” concept into practice without spending a lot of time in the process.

It is best to eat part of your diet as raw foods as they provide the nutrients and enzymes you need. These nutrients help to digest your other food with less wear on your body.

I like to know I can care for my family in a healthy cheerful way if I have some basic foods. Painters paint, writers write and some of us prepare a healthful meal from scratch to express our creativity.

Gourmet or utilitarian cooks, we can all prepare food to keep our families happy and well nourished. Making it yourself just has so many benefits for you and your family!

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