How to Use Meat Scraps

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When you make broth there are always some meat scraps to use. Save them! You may can them, freeze them on the trusty cookie sheet or dehydrate them. Each of the three ways are handy to have on hand.

If soup is on your menu tonight use a quart or two of broth, and several handfuls of dehydrated meat and vegetables.  Of course you may want to cut up some fresh vegetables instead.

Add salt to the broth with some extra for the meat and the vegetables. We also use some herbs. Add them, and just let it barely bubble until you are ready to eat.

We also like “When Lowell was Little”.  It was easy for him to eat, I liked it and Dad was away working so we ate it frequently. All you do is make a collection of any vegetables, and we most often used ground meat.

In one skillet we start the vegetables cooking. If you cut them up rather small there is nothing to be cut at the table and they saute rather quickly. Some salt and pepper are all that is really needed.

In the other skillet scramble the meat.  If you are using canned meat you will also have some broth. Let it cook down.  If it is really cold outside you may want a soupy-stewy texture to your meal.  It’s so warming!

If you want to use dried meat get it to soaking in unsalted water or broth. You may even want to cook it a bit. If the meat is frozen you will need to thaw it.  After cooking the meat you may salt it.  The salt will reduce the meat’s ability to absorb water.

Combine the two skillets and supper is ready. If you like herbs, add some. Basically it is  what you and your family like,  and what is available to use.

You could also make curried meat and rice, hash, meat and spaghetti, soup, meat pies and creamed meat.

We will look into making Pemmican before long. You can dry meat between now and then so you will have all the necessary ingredients – dried meat, dried fruit and melted fat.




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