Fats are so Necessary…

Fats: Carpaccio of roasted pineapple with olive oil ...

Image by ulterior epicure via Flickr

Why do I say fats are so important?

Fats are a very necessary part of our diet! They provide the oils in our died that we need.

Which oils are we talking about? you see, some oils have been around for thousands of years. They are the ones our body knows how to use because they were the only oils available. They include olive oil, coconut oil and other tropical oils, cream,  butter,  raw nuts and nut butters, eggs, fish oil and other animal fats (lard).

Tropical Fats?

The tropical oils are saturated so do not go rancid readily. Nuts and eggs are protected by shells. Nuts last a long time but eggs need to be used in a reasonable amount of time.

Other oils like soy, corn, safflower and canola require high temperatures and/or chemicals to process to oil which are not good for us. Most are further refined and are chemically rancid by the time the oils get on the shelves. We can not taste any rancid taste but the body can not make use of them.

Range or grass fed animals have a good ratio of Omega 6 oils to Omega 3 oils while feed lot/grain fed animals have a poorer ratio.

What Do Fats Do?

Fats are important in our diet because they transport some of the minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. Fats are also important for hormone production and as part of the cell walls and keeping us warm in the cold.

This time, find out which fats are available at your grocery store. If your store does not carry fats, where can you find it?

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