Make your own Nutmeg Grater

A nutmeg grater

Nutmeg Grater

How would you like to make your own long lasting nutmeg grater?

It is so easy to make  and takes very little time.

My dad made a grater for mom  way back when – maybe 75 years ago. We  still have it and it works just fine for nutmegs. He looked for a metal container with about a 3 to 4 inch diameter lid. He found it.

He took just the lid to the garage and found a hammer, a nail and a block of wood. He put the lid on the piece of wood, picked up the nail and hammered holes in the lid. The nail holes should be close together and cover at least a 2 inches diameter area. That’s it!

A wide mouth canning jar lid  is handy and will work but use whatever you have. It will work just fine!

Turn it over to grate nutmegs or lemons for lemon zest. You might find it handy to have several different size graters. You might like a larger grater if you have a larger orange and want orange zest.

Enjoy your homemade nutmeg grater!








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