10 Ways To Overspend For Food

10 Ways To Overspend For Food

Overspend for FoodHere’s just a partial list of ways to overspend for food:

  1. Shop for one meal at a time
  2. Always shop without a list
  3. Buy on a whim or because some food looks so good
  4. Buy out of season produce
  5. Buy ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat foods
  6. Make numerous trips to the store every week
  7. Never use frozen foods
  8. Always keep your refrigerator temperature above 38 degrees
  9. Never buy by the case
  10. Never , ever compare prices of the various brands for taste or size

You can add your own special ways of spending more money for food.                                                                                            It is so easy!            Is it really possible to spend less?   Oh, yes!

Do You Overspend for Food?

Food is often the first place most of us look to cut costs. You can cut back on the quality and choice of foods until you increase your doctor and health bills. Is this a good and wise trade off?   There are better ways!

We will explore some ideas to cut back and still eat healthy and delicious foods.

More Ways to Overspend for Food

Oh my, here are a couple more important ways to overspend on food –

  • Do not consider the nutritional value of anything you buy to eat
  • Do not ever find time to bake or cook at home

We are on our way to overspend!

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