Planning Spring Nutrition: All Year Long

Fruit- and vegetable-shaped marzipan.

Fruit- and vegetable-shaped marzipan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s spring! What a wonderful time of the year.  It looks like there will be a lot of fruit this year. We better start planning how we are going to save some of the fruit and vegetables to eat all year long.

The berries would be great to freeze, make  jam or preserves and even put some dry ones in our homemade granola. Berries would be tasty in cookies and biscuits too.

Lately, if I have some vegetables left over at the end of the week I have dried them. They can be rather thinly sliced, dried and added to soup and stew. You can grind them up very fine and add them to whatever is cooking. We had a couple sweet potatoes to dry.  When they were dried we made them into powder. Then we  add a tablespoon or two to whatever we are cooking – like refried beans, mashed sweet potatoes, squash, a meat loaf … Try some cucumber or celery powder added to your salad dressing. All the extra spoon fulls of powder means that much  more nutrition available to our body in our food.

Most of our fruit and vegetables have been bred to travel well and  to look good when displayed, not for their nutritional value. The vitamin A in apples is down about 40%, the calcium and vitamin A in broccoli is down 50% and the magnesium is down 85 % in collard greens since in the 1970s. Any way we can add nutritional value to our food the better off we will be. We can raise our own non-hybrid  foods or add some of our powdered vegetables or both.

Freezing is another great way to keep fruit and vegetables. If you freeze them on a cookie sheet you can have free flowing produce. Kerr Canning  Book can help you answer  questions about  freezing and canning. It is inexpensive but very thorough and easy to use.

We find there are some foods we prefer frozen, some dried and some canned. You only know what your family prefers by trying some fruit and vegetables each way.

You and your family can afford to eat nutritious and delightful fruit and vegetables all year long.

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