Prepare Your Food


Mary Jane came in  today to stock up on the herbs she uses most frequently. She said she likes to have everything she needs when she starts to prepare a recipe so she buys extra to have on hand!

I asked her if she bought in bulk. She said no, but  wondered if it really saved to buy in bulk. It turns out if she can save at least 10% it would be worth it to her. She can save more than 10 %! Then she wondered how much she would have to order at once.  Most grains, nuts and beans come in 25 pound bags. Nuts also come in 5 pound bags. They are not quite as inexpensive as 25 pounds but they are less then by the pound. Canned or bottled foods are usually in cases of 12… or sometimes 6.  Since she is used to having extra food around the house the quantities seemed very doable.

Mary Jane can buy anything from the Produce Department if she wishes.  Talk with the produce manager.  This summer fruit has been very plentiful with many good buys. It helps them plan their buying if you ask ahead of time or at least let them know you are interested.

I am always amazed how much fruit is available during the winter months – like pineapple and mangoes.

Produce can be used fresh, canned, frozen or dehydrated for later use!

When the potatoes,  sweet potatoes and onions are ready this fall I will buy a box of each and keep them in the garage all winter. I usually throw an old blanket on top of the boxes.

Mary Jane can save even more if she buys when the items she wants are on sale and  twice a year the store has a Member Appreciation Day and the prices are good!

Ask the “front end” folks at the store if you need help finding what you want in the catalogs.

So there are really ways to buy your food for less. It means some work on your part the first time you order, but I venture to say no worse than chasing to the store every time you are out of something!

Yes, you did it! You have what you need at home and you saved money doing it!











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