We’re at it again! Preparing for winter…

That’s fortunate, just heard on the local news this morning, they are expecting a very cold winter!!

We thought it might be smart to start preparing for winter.

You’d think we are snowed in during the winter. We’re not. It is just that all our fruit and vegetables have to be shipped in to the store as soon as the summer growing season is over.

Our raspberries are virtually finished for this year – maybe a cupful left on the vines. They produced much better than expected! They are all frozen and waiting for us to take a cupful to have with yogurt or kefir or maybe cream from the top of a gallon of milk.

We’ve pitted about 60 pounds of cherries and froze them by our cookie sheet method. With 2 sons manning the pitter it took just about 4 hours from start through clean-up.  They are so.o.o…good!

Another reorganization of the freezer will provide just enough room for the blueberries which can show up any day now.

While working on the cherries we had a big pot of chicken broth simmering. It is time to can the broth  and dehydrate the meat. The skin and other odds and ends, NOT the bones, go to the dog.

We’ll see you again soon.












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