Your Story: Reader’s Tall Tales

Your Story
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Do you have a story about your parents or grandparents that you think the readers would enjoy?

Just think about the joy and life lessons that those stories brings to mind. Surely, others might learn and laugh along with you.

Register As Story Contributor

To add your contribution to this site only requires that you register. It will require that you go to your email address make a note of your password characters and click the link. This will bring you to the sign-in screen. Enter your name and password. You will arrive at the dashboard.

At this point, you can find your profile under Users on the left menu bar.  Fill in as much information as you are willing to share.  At the bottom is an opportunity to change your password to one that will be easier for you to remember. Don’t forget to save the changes.

Writing Your Story

At this point, you have two ways to enter your story.  You can go back to the Dashboard and use the Quick Entry box. Or you can click on the Posts tab on the left menu, and then click Ad New. This will bring you to the Standard Entry screen.

At both entry screens, the first one line box is for the title of your story.  The second (and bigger) box is for the entry of your story. You can either type the story in, or copy and paste.

When you are finished entering your story, all you have to do is press the Submit for Review button.

We’ll get it  posted as soon as we can.

Editing Your Story

If you are not able to finish the story in one sitting, or if you discover some errors that need to be edited, come back to the dashboard. Click on Posts and then Edit. This will give you a list of stories on the system.  You will only be able to edit your stories.  Hover your mouse in the area just below the title of you story and a menu will appear. Click on the Edit.  This will bring you back to the entry screen where you can make your changes.

I’m sure I’ve made this sound much more complicated than it really is! After you’ve been through the process a time or two, you’ll be doing it like a pro.

Looking forward to hearing your story!

Love to Hear Your Comments