Sirloin Roast for Supper!

Sirloin Roast for Supper

Sirloin roast from grass-fed beef.

Just put a sirloin roast in the oven for supper tonight.

As I have mentioned before, we most frequently buy our beef from our local raw milk dairy. We know how they are fed – on natural grasses.  Grass or range fed meat is not quite as tender as corn/grain fed meat.  It can be cooked a little slower and a little longer and it is yummy and tender.

After covering the roast with some sauteed onions we covered everything with foil and  forgot about it for two hours. It will probably need to cook for another hour, but with a new stove we better give it some leeway.

Oh, yes, it was yummy and tender.

When we run short  we order  grass fed  ground meat from . The 75% ground meat of course contains more fat but it also has twice the amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) . That is good! about CLA another day).  As we were talking about the nutrients in the meat one of my sons commented it tasted different than the the meat from the regular grocery stores. He felt the meat from the dairy and from Wellness was far more satisfying than the store meat.  It always took him more than a week to reduce his food consumption when he came home. He was over fed but undernourished, when he was on the road.

One reason to have a roast for supper is there is always some left over for lunch or snacking the next day. Sliced thin it makes great lunch meat or you can warm thicker slices in a little gravy or broth with a few frozen peas.  Grind the left over meat and add mayonnaise, pickles and spread it on bread or serve it on a bed of lettuce.

I suggest not buying meat from the regular dairy. They are fed unnatural feed intended to make the cows produce  a large quantity of milk. It is way more than a cow would naturally produce. Regular dairy cows are bred to produce huge amounts of milk and are  much more likely to be given antibiotics than grass/range fed cows.

Did you know some grocery store chains carry grass fed beef… and more can get it if you ask for it?

For those of you who can not find grass fed meat locally there is and I just  realized I didn’t mention  If you want a change of meat try their bison or buffalo. It can be used anyway you would use beef and they also have really good beef. Both companies are great to work with and their products arrive in excellent condition and very frozen!

Back to a sirloin roast! Our sirloin roast was everything we could wish for, including some tasty left overs.



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