Thanksgiving 2013

Did you have turkey with your family today?  Were the kids all excited ? How about the adults? Now that every one has eaten they have all calmed down. But isn’t it great to see every one . We get so involved we seem to need a good reason to see one another. Thanksgiving is that good reason!

We like to get a bigger turkey than we need because we want some left overs.  We’ll slice some slices of breast and probably some brown meat too. The slices will make wonderful sandwiches or are yummy with the gravy warmed up and poured over the slices. Some bite sized chunks of meat on some mashed potatoes covered with hot gravy would be mighty flavorful.

If you can’t use up all the meat lay it out on your wax paper covered cookie sheet to freeze and use them later!  When frozen put them in plastic bags.

What do you do with the carcass? This may supply you with the best leftovers.  Put the carcass in a large kettle. Scrape all the bits and pieces from the cooking pan. You can use a little of the water you will use to cover the carcass to loosen the drippings. Simmer the carcass for hours… 6 or 8 hours perhaps.  Cool. Then pick over the bones to get all the bits of meat

Now,  you need some vegetables for the soup. Maybe a few from the dinner,  or a few in your refrigerator or some dehydrated vegetables. As you can see it is possible to make a meal out of whatever  you have in the house. If you have more broth than you can use in your soup there are a couple of things you can do with it.

You are able to can the broth but you need a pressure cooker.  You can make ice cubes out of the broth and empty them into a plastic bag. Or you can save yogurt or  cottage cheese containers to put frozen food into. That includes turkey broth or soup. Label and date.

If by any chance you did not have turkey for Thanksgiving you can do the same things with any other meat.


P.S. Be on the look out for drying vegetables for soup .

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