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Just some thoughts to ponder. I would be interested in your thoughts!

I was reading about the Masai  and Samaburu in Africa. The men weigh about 135 pounds yet they are very strong and healthy. From  the age of 14 to 34 they are bound by tribal tradition to a diet of whole raw milk and meat and a tea from the bark of a tree. The Masai drink as much as 7 gallons of whole raw milk per day.

The Samburu drink milk only for 3 days and eat nothing but meat for one day and repeat this regularly. The milk is generally cultured for both groups. Their diet is 60% natural saturated fat. The average cholesterol level of the African child is 138 and for American child is 202. As the African ages  the cholesterol level goes down and the average American cholesterol level goes up. After the age of 55 the African average mean cholesterol is 122 and for the average American is 234. Yet the Africans are free of heart disease, cancer,diabetes, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and have normal blood pressure.

In the isolated villages of Switzerland raw milk and raw milk products and rye bread were the basic foods. The villages had their special days with sporting events. The athletes were rewarded with bowls of thick cream! During the summer months the women followed the cows to get the especially healthy new grass milk to make winter butter and cheese. Even in the winter the Swiss had the enzymes to keep them very healthy.

Once the Swiss leave their grass fed animal foods for processed food their health deteriorates  like that of other people eating processed food.

People living and eating where coconuts are the source of nourishment show  remarkably good health. In any area where coconuts will grow the people who still stay on their traditional diet are healthy. Certainly healthier than the western world with their processed food.

Coconut has been their food, shelter and medicine. Coconut oil may make up 60% of the calories for these people. Yet they remain healthy!  They do not have cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, immune dysfunction, dental problems etc as the processed food eaters have.

In each of these countries or areas, when the young folks go out to the cities and change their eating habits they develop the processed food illnesses. When they return to traditional foods they return to health.

So why are these people so healthy? Why are we so unhealthy?  What can we do to be healthier? Are we willing to try some different ideas?  What thought do you have?  Just some thoughts to ponder.

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