We Waste Food

SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 21: Food scraps are seen in a recycling container at MoMo's restaurant April 21, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Norcal Waste Systems is collecting food scraps from nearly 2,000 restaurants in San Francisco and thousands of single-family homes and are turning the scraps to make high quality, nutrient rich compost that gets sold back to Bay Area farmers. The garbage company has turned 105,000 tons of fodd scraps into 20,000 tons of compost. As most of us know… we waste food.

The question is what are we doing about it?

It seems to me as food costs keep going up we really do need to stop and see what we can do. To remain healthy our body requires certain nutrients. Our body is no different from a car. If you try to run a car on watered down gas or used vegetable oil instead of car grade oil, the car will soon quit running. But prices are  going up!  What can we do?

Since the body needs nutrients to remain in good working order, it is necessary to provide them. We need to spend enough money to buy them. We need to add our medical bills to our food costs. That amount is what we may spend for food.We find money for doctor bills… why not find money for keeping healthy and NO doctor bills? It will be much less expensive in the end.

Learn to shop more effectively. That is more bang for your bucks! We need to talk about where we shop. We need to have some idea what the prices are. We need to know what we eat and what we simply can’t stand. We need to have some idea how much we eat.

How often do we shop?  How much are we willing to do for ourselves? Do you know what foods are grown in your area? Have you ever grown a garden? do you know anyone who does ?

Do you know how to cook? Do you have a cookbook? Do you know someone who does? Do you throw food away for any reason? What do you have in your refrigerator? in your freezer? How much garbage do you throw away? What do you throw away? Why do you throw it away?

I am not going to tell you how to set a lovely looking table. There are books and pictures to tell you how to do that. I can help you find good herbs but not how to use them. I just happen to like my food quite plain. Salt? Is it is a good salt?

I have learned a lot from other people in the past 10 or 15 years. I would be delighted to share the information with you. I’m willing to writing as many articles as it takes to answer all your questions.























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