What Do I Eat?…I Am In a Hurry

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Are you in a hurry? Think you don’t have time to eat?

This seems to happen to many of us nearly every morning. We know we should have breakfast but it is faster to just have a cup of coffee and maybe a leftover cookie.

There, that will hold us for a little!

But, what else can I do when time is so limited?

Breakfast, like all other meals should have protein, fat and carbohydrates, to satisfy your hungry stomach and nutritional needs.

Here are some choices to have on hand so you have a variety –


  • Hard boiled eggs (Boil a few on the weekend)
  • Cheese, string cheese
  • Slices of leftover beef, chicken, lamb, ham, tuna,
  • Whole milk – preferably raw
  • Nuts – a couple of handfuls


  • All of the above
  • Coconut oil – live fudge
  • Butter
  • Nut butters


  • Vegetables – left over cooked or raw
  • Fruit – ones you can eat raw (not too juicy) or dried
  • Grains – toast or muffins with butter, coconut oil or nut or seed butters

You can eat all of these foods while you are driving or before you leave. It is all made up. You can just grab it from the refrigerator  and eat. Maybe you will even eat as you get ready for work!

You can have a nutritional breakfast in just a couple minutes. You will feel so much better – cheerful and energetic!

If you still want a cup of coffee have it. Have it before you leave or when you get to work


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