I Need White Flour!

I need to spend a couple of hours baking and the recipe calls for white flour! I notice there are a couple kinds. The flour made from white wheat would be the healthiest but it might not be the texture you want!  The flour you chose probably depends on what you are baking!

So… what are you planning on baking and do you know what gluten is?

Ah!… Gluten is the protein part of the of grain and is the reason bread can rise. The yeast grows and gives off some  gas. As it grows in the dough it stretches the dough. Your bread is rising! Gluten is found in sufficient quantity to allow the dough to rise in hard wheat! Hard wheat  makes a delicious wheat breads!

You can make cookies, muffins, pancakes, quick breads with hard wheat! They are alright but the quality isn’t quite as good as they will be with soft wheat flour.

Soft wheat has less gluten and makes a poor loaf of bread but you can make good delicious cookies, cakes, pies, muffins, pancakes and waffles and baking powder biscuits.

There are often several kinds of flour. So if you are making bread use a hard grain whole wheat flour. This provides you with a good texture healthy bread.  Or, you might want to try a bread made from half whole wheat gluten flour and the other half one of the white flours.  You can use all white flour for a loaf.

You can make rye bread by using a third to a half the required flour and stir well. Then add the other half of the rest of the flour.  You can try different amounts of the different flours.  Over a period of time you will learn how to feel the dough consistency and know when you have the right amount of flour and how long to knead it!

The white whole wheat flour is decidedly healthier than the other flours which is whole wheat with the germ and other dark parts removed.

Next time we will chat a bit about what and how to use your bread dough.  Do you like cinnamon rolls?





















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