Who Me? Cook From Scratch?

Refried Bean Log

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OK, show me how too cook from scratch!

It is actually easy. It just requires a little planning!!

Start out by making a list of the dishes you frequently make for your family. What foods do you buy ready prepared? If you are likely to have chili with meat and beans, and perhaps some refried beans and then some baked beans, then cook enough beans for all three dishes. It takes no more time, no more fuel and just as much time to cook a small pot as a big pot of beans.

You can start soaking the beans Sunday evening. They can soak for 24 hours. Monday night start the beans cooking as soon as you get home. With the long soaking they will be cooked before you go to bed. The long soaking also allows the beans to start the sprouting process which increases their nutrients.

Tuesday night add some of the beans to your chili with all its great seasoning. Yum, great flavor! Prepare some of the rest of the beans to make baked beans. It won’t take long. Either bake it now and freeze it to be heated later or freeze it unbaked.

Wednesday night make refried beans and save for Thursday night with the rest of the food for a great Mexican meal.

If you would like to save the made up beans for a longer time they can be frozen and labeled. Save in clean quart size yogurt container. Or, if you have a favorite dish the food is served from use it. If it can go from freezer to oven — do it. If not, put it in the dish to freeze it, then dip the dish in a sink of hot water to defrost just enough to slide it out onto a large piece of aluminum foil. Wrap securely, label and keep it frozen. Then slip it back in the dish to thaw and bake.

(Horrors of horrors, if you come down with the flu and can’t cook the beans on Monday as planned, just dump the water and cover the soaked beans. Put them in the refrigerator for a day or two. They might sprout but that is OK)

You might decide you would rather spend some time on the weekend preparing these dishes. Then you may want to start the whole cycle on any other day. It takes little of your time, saves you money, you know the ingredients in the dishes you prepare and it tastes delicious!

Yes, you can cook from scratch! Congratulations and a good job!

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