Who, Me?

Well, I never planned to write, let alone be on line, but here I am! And excited about it!

The kids wanted me to write down everything I knew. My reaction was you have to be kidding. “You know how I can’t organize.” Their response was, “that’s OK, you write and we’ll do the organizing.” I lost that discussion!

“Alright, what am I going to write about?”

“Oh, mom, just write like you talk when we ask you a question.”

“But…” And before I could continue they said “just write.” Lost again!

And, so writing began slowly. Surprisingly it has now become my favorite way to relax. The more I write about life, experiences, how to do things, my mom and dad, grand parents, brothers, our children, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors, the more there is to write.

It is about how we lived, how we shopped and ate, how we raised the kids and how we treated health problems and so much more through good times and learning times!

Are there lessons to be learned? You be the judge.

Are there questions that come up and you wish you had asked your grandparents or even your parents? I most likely will have an answer for you even if it isn’t quite what you remember.

But, I’ll sure try to answer your question.

Now as a parent, grandparent and, if lucky, great-grandparent, we are enjoying a new role!

It is not too unusual for us to have a “modern day quilting bee” to catch up and to ask questions. It is awesome. Learn to use a computer just a little bit.

I am so fortunate to have lived through all sorts of experiences and to share them with the family and now an opportunity to share with an even larger family!

And probably one of the most exciting things is…life just keeps unfolding!

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