Have you ever wondered why kids seem to mature so young? Or why do so many people seem to get sick or not able to work hard?

I hear comments like there is so much stress! Is it really more stressful to live now than it was when you had to shoot your own meat or catch a fish?  You always hoped you would find one to get.

Yes, there are people who have a stressful situation but there have always been stressful situations.

So what did they do for food way back then.  They raised a garden during the summer months and had fruit trees. The women canned or dried  fruit and vegetables. They had a space in the basement to store food – potatoes, onions, carrots, beets,turnips,  sweet potatoes, winter squash, apples, pears, …

They had learned to salt meat and use fat for storage.

They also knew how to make bread. In Switzerland there is still an area where the women make cheese during the summer to eat during the winter. They make bread regularly.

You see, the women were not being paid to do a job but they were busy and worked at least as hard as any paid working person!

What I am wondering is how do all the quick and easy ways of getting a meal  cause so much stress?! What about all the chemicals that are in our food? There are all the plastic bags, the containers we put food in and all the tin cans. What about the hormones given to the cows to get higher milk production?  Certified raw milk does not have the hormones.

If you buy an old milk cow from a raw  milk dairy to grind you can have tasty  ground beef quite inexpensively.   You also want to ask for all the bones. They will provide you with lots of good broth. Real food for real people.

How about making your own bread?  It really does not take a long time. Just a few minutes several times a day. In the beginning it will take extra time but as you get proficient it will only take minutes! If you want some thing  new and different make some Cinnamon rolls.

What else can you think of? Keep your eyes open to find something you would like to learn how to do.  Then someone will turn up to help you!

By learning how to make our own food we not only save money and time but we also have healthier and more delicious food. Our bodies are not loading up on toxic items so they work better.  We may even find life is not so stressful.

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